This spring break KCS high schoolers had the chance to participate in one of three different missions trips.

The Keswick Concert Choir and Wind Ensemble went to Alaska where they performed at churches, schools, and a retirement home. They also ministered to local youth groups and in a home for girls, where they shared the love and gospel of Christ with the young people there. On their sightseeing day, students went mushing (dogsledding) along the Alaskan Iditarod trail and had a chance to see the northern lights.

Alaska trip highlights:

Another team left for the Dominican Republic where students teamed up with Word of Life missionaries serving youth in camps and schools. They also put their creative skills to use by performing dramas at the schools and painting a nursery. This team also enjoyed a few beautiful times of sightseeing around the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic trip highlights:

Team Mexico served at the Esperanza Orphanage where they helped build a dormitory and spent time with the children and church there. They did some sightseeing at Peña de Bernal (one of the world’s largest monoliths), and even played (were dominated by) locals in a fútbol game!

Mexico trip highlights:

We are so grateful for our student’s willingness to serve the Lord together in missions around the world.