A Home for Christian Families
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A Home For Christian Families

As the only non-denominational infant through 12th grade private Christian school in Pinellas County, Florida, Keswick Christian School teaches students to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ through academics, athletics and fine arts.

What Makes Keswick Different?

More than a Christian school in name, Keswick welcomes Christian families of all denominations. We’re forthcoming in our faith and our commitment to helping students discover and develop their gifts for God’s glory. Preparing children for their life-callings takes love and support at home, a dedicated team of educational professionals, and an unwavering confidence of the Holy Spirit’s work in each students life. We’re excited to work with parents to ensure our students are not just prepared for whatever challenges face them in their futures, but that they overcome them through their sure foundation of faith in Christ.

We strive to offer one of the most well-rounded curriculums in Pinellas County, Florida, not only among private Christian schools, but all elementary, middle, and high schools. Striking a near-perfect balance between academics, athletics, and the arts, teachers and coaches work closely together to ensure students are able to pursue all their interests without conflict. This means Keswick Christian School students can excel in the classroom, play the sports they want, express themselves creatively through music, choir and art, and participate in various afterschool clubs all in the same school year.

“As a Keswick alumnus, I have so much love for this school and faculty! Our daughter is now attending and I can honestly say it just keeps getting better. Keswick is not just a school, it is family.” – Renee Rauch, Former student and KCS parent

Nick Stratis

Ours is a unique partnership between the home, the church, and the school. When those three entities come together, we firmly believe it creates the best opportunities for your child to grow both spiritually and academically.