As you may have heard, Pinellas County Schools will re-open on Monday and Keswick plans to follow suit. We are trusting power will be restored to our campus very soon. So all students should be ready to start back to school this coming Monday morning, September 18th.

Please note that the Middle School retreat scheduled for this Thursday and Friday, Sept. 14 & 15 has been cancelled as posted in onCampus.

On behalf of Mr. Stratis, he appreciates everyone’s support and willingness to help with the clean-up on campus. At this point, the professional crews have been hired and are very busy at Keswick getting the entire campus cleaned up and repaired, and making sure it is safe and secure for all students, their families, and for all faculty and staff. So, Mr. Stratis suggests the best way to help will be to make a monetary donation to Keswick, when school re-opens. This will help the school greatly with the costs incurred.

Please note that it is very important for everyone to stay off campus, and to not drive through it, until school re-opens. This will allow the professional crews free rein to do their work fully, completely, and safely.

More updates will be emailed to you as needed, so stay tuned. And let us be glad and rejoice that our community is starting to recover with some businesses re-opening today, traffic is flowing, some gas stations are open, power is coming back up gradually, and Starbucks is OPEN!

God keeps His promises. He never leaves us nor forsakes us.