Before joining Keswick faculty, Mr. Lahsangah was a chemist in the research and development industry. He and his wife have been married 19 years and have two sons, both students at KCS. They are a soccer family, and during soccer season spend most of their Saturdays supporting their boys’ teams. During the off-season, they consider Disney World their second home!

We asked him:

Why did you feel called to Keswick Christian School?
“I enjoyed working as a chemist; developing new products then seeing them utilized by everyday users was exciting and rewarding. But the corporate world did take tolls on family life (a lot of traveling). I had been praying for a change. I believe that God has called me here to be a part of KCS family and staff. I was very impressed with the campus and the program that KCS has to offer for students, but most importantly, the Christ centered environment.”

If you could meet one scientist from history, whom would it be and why?
“It would be Albert Einstein for the fact that he was brilliant, but seemed very down to earth and probably fun to talk to.”

Welcome to Keswick, Mr. Lahsangah!