There are so many different ways to get involved at Keswick Christian School. You could get involved through:


Regardless of your ability level to give or volunteer, we ask that most importantly you will continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance, protection, and blessing upon the ministry at Keswick Christian School. We recognize the power of prayer (James 5:13-18) and the tremendous blessing received when multitudes lift up their voice to our heavenly Father.

Volunteer Work

With so many activities and events taking place on our campus, we would love for you to be involved and help out in any of the designated areas such as education, athletics, fine arts, PTF, family events, the Annual Benefit Dinner, or maintenance. Our school has been blessed by the countless volunteer hours given by parents, grandparents, relatives, local businesses, and community members. If you are interested in giving of your time or have ideas on how you might be able to serve, please contact Chantal Kelly at