Keswick’s age-appropriate academic programs are valuable in overall training of a child for daily living. Our programs meet or exceed the basic curriculum outlined by the Florida Department of Education, teaching the subjects necessary for the child’s training, integrating the Bible throughout. Taught by certified teachers, the aim of our curriculum is to develop the basic skills and lay a foundation for a Christian world and life view.

Infants and Pre-K

2023-2024 Tuition

Infants (Five Days) • $14,275
Ones (Five Days) • $12,300

Two Half Days • $5,000
Two Full Days • $5,575
Three Half Days • $6,225
Three Full Days or Five Half Days • $7,150
Five Full Days • $9,675

PK3 and PK4
Three Half Days • $5,600
Three Full Days or Five Half Days • $6,500
Five Full Days • $8,725


2023-2024 Tuition

Kindergarten • $10,275
1st Grade • $11,000
2nd- 5th Grade • $11,700
6th Grade • $12,075
7th- 8th Grade • $12,675
9th-10th Grade • $13,375
11th- 12th Grade • $13,800

Payment Plans

One-Time Annual Payment • 2% discount will apply if paid prior to August 1
Two Payments • Due July 1st and January 1st
Ten Payments • Due August through May (1st or 15th)
Twelve Payments • Due June through May (1st or 15th)

Financial Aid and Discounts

Keswick Christian School is committed to providing families with tuition affordability options and opportunities. Each family is unique and Keswick seeks to assist families in affording a high-quality Christian education to the greatest extent possible. For families with financial need, there is help available for our Kindergarten through 12th grade students.

Contact our Admissions office for more information on how to apply for our Scholarship Fund through SmartAid. We also offer a local pastor discount and Christian educator discount. We are proud to serve families throughout the Tampa Bay Area with varying socioeconomic backgrounds.

If you are ready to move forward please complete our online inquiry form today!