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We are proud to offer Continuous Enrollment at Keswick Christian School. This offers parents an easier process that better aligns with our mission. To help explain we have included a section of Frequently Asked Questions below.

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What is Continuous Enrollment?

This process will provide an exceptionally simple way for your student(s) to stay enrolled as they seamlessly progress through grade levels without the speed bump of annual re-enrollment.

Is there still an enrollment fee?

Yes. On February 15 the non-refundable enrollment fee ($200) will be automatically added to your account. In future years, if your child will not be returning to Keswick the next school year, and you do not want the fee drafted from your account, you must submit the Withdrawal Form prior to February 5.

How will I be notified of changes (tuition, fees, handbook, etc)?

At the beginning of each calendar year, communications will be sent to remind you of the upcoming February 1 deadline. These emails will include links to tuition prices, fees and a school calendar for the next year.

How does this benefit me?

The removal of the re-enrollment process provides simplicity and ease. No more time-consuming forms and complicated processes! Sit back and relax until graduation!

How is Extended Care handled?

Charges and plans will roll forward to the next year with the same selections for Extended Care. Changes can be made at any time throughout the year by contacting the Business Office.

What happens after March 1 if I haven’t paid the Enrollment Fee?

Unfortunately, your child’s spot at Keswick will not be secure. This payment holds your child’s place for the next school year. We have many grade levels either at or reaching full capacity. New student applications and contacts will start to processed after March 1.