Preparing for College. Preparing for Life.

The foundation laid in Lower School is put to the test with the challenging yet caring learning environment of Upper School. Including grades sixth through 12 (middle school and high school), Upper School encourages students to analyze and evaluate divergent worldviews in the light of a biblical worldview. Through top-tier academics, athletics, and fine arts, Upper School provides a rich environment for students to further build upon all that has already been learned.

While we remain one of the leading private Christian schools in Pinellas County, Florida, our curriculum is predominately college preparatory, and students are pushed to pursue excellence in every area. However, Upper School is so much more than rigorous study and academic achievement. Athletics and fine arts performances and competitions, community-wide service projects, retreats, missions trips, leadership conferences, uplifting and edifying chapels and spiritual emphases, and meaningful social events all make the life of the Upper School at Keswick worth the investment.