Sunshine math is a parent-run, extracurricular program designed to provide an extra challenge for students from kindergarten through 5th grade who have a love, interest, and aptitude for math. Students complete a math worksheet at home and meet once weekly for 25 minutes with a Sunshine Math Coach to share their thinking and math strategies with their small group. Students receive “stamps” for their work and earn goody bags as an added incentive for program participation.

Student Selection

Participation in the Sunshine Math club is by invitation. Teachers identify candidates and submit their names to the Sunshine Math coordinator to be considered for the program.


Most Sunshine Math groups consist of 5 to 7 students and are led by volunteer coaches (KCS moms, dads, grandparents and other approved volunteers). As a result, most grade levels have several groups to allow increased participation. Once a group is formed, they typically stays together from year to year.

“This is a great program to help your child reach their full potential and discover new ways to think about math!” –Da Silva Family