Every year students in 2nd through 5th grade are invited to meet once monthly during lunch to discuss a classic book selection. The purpose of the Crusader Book Club is to enhance a child’s love of reading by exploring christian principles within classic works.

How It Works

Students read the assigned, unabridged copy of the selected book (or have it read to them) and complete a worksheet that serves as his or her “ticket” to join the club.

“Our daughter has enjoyed all of the benefits of being involved in the Crusader Book Club. Reading is fun for her. In our observation, every book she reads continues to challenge her imagination and offers us the opportunity to have deeper conversations with her” –Wetherwax Family (student, Bella Wetherwax)

“I really look forward to book club huddles in the library. I wish we could have book club every day!” –Grace Descent (3rd grade)