Keswick Christian School opened its doors on the present 30-acre site in 1953 to 75 students as Grace Livingston Hill Memorial School. Having named the school after her mother, the Christian authoress Grace Livingston Hill, Ruth Munce was gripped with the desire to see children grow in mind and body under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The school today stands as a monument to the mighty God that this great woman loved, worshiped, and adored.

In 1962 the school adopted its current name as it merged with the Southern Keswick Bible Conference and Keswick Radio. By 1966 the school’s enrollment had risen to 160, and in just four more years, the number of students climbed to 480. In 1973, with the school “bursting at the seams,” the Board of Directors decided to expand its grade-level offerings to include the senior high school. Keswick graduated its first seniors in the spring of 1978. From 1977 through 1996 Keswick was blessed to be the Christian day school ministry of Chicago’s Moody Bible Institute. In 1996 Moody Bible Institute returned the reins of ownership of the school to local control. Eventually, an independent self-perpetuating board of men and women began governance of the school.

Today Keswick continues to add honors and advanced placement courses, strengthen its relationships with local churches, have a thriving Parent-Teacher Fellowship, and provide ample service opportunities for our young people to be salt and light in our community. Keswick has much to be thankful for. The school board, staff, and parents have worked diligently to create and maintain a Christ-centered, academically-focused, relationship-oriented, excellence-driven, and service-minded culture and climate in which the biblical world and life view is faithfully modeled and taught. As such, we are teaching our children to enjoy God in every area of their lives for His glory and the good of others.