Board of Directors

Rob Bird, Chairman
Mike Marsh, Vice-Chairman
John Heintz
Jim Horner
Joel Moore
Spryng Norrie
Chris Ross
Misti Scott
Nick Tokotch


Nick Stratis, Superintendent,
Amy Rogers, Preschool Director,
Diana Dumais, Lower School Principal,
Jon Skilton, Upper School Principal,
Beth Endrulat, Financial Officer,
Andrew Maddux, Director of Advancement,

Pre-School Faculty and Aides

PK0 – Gemma Ash
Aide – Donna Bowlin
PK1 – Kenza West
Aide – Laurie Fairley
PK1 – Carla Daniels
Aide – Faith Beckett (am)
Aide – Agatha Pugh (pm)
PK2 – Susan Crone
Aide – Amarylis Minaya
PK2 – Beverly Wingfield
Aide – Esther McClure (am)
Aide – Jillian Pugh (pm)
PK3 – Carol Schreiber
Aide – Kristi Lightfield
PK3 – Sally Wilson
Aide – Sammie Ruttan (am)
PK4 – Stephanie Carmichael
Aide – Amy Ross
PK4 – Cassi Reubens
Aide – Erin Filipiak
PK4 – Michelle Hoehn
Aide – Patricia Dean

Elementary Faculty


Katie Kincaid
Laci Neary
Brittany Patterson
Kayla Weekley

First Grade

Beth Rogers
Kathy Munce

Second Grade

Kerrie Donald, MS Girls Soccer Coach
Diane Hayden

Third Grade

Lori DeSantis, Varsity Girls Soccer Co-Coach
Cristina Rawsthorne

Fourth & Fifth Grade (TRI 45)

Anne Casko
Aimee Horstman
Julia Palm

Special Area

Beth Steele, Fine Arts Director, Instrumental Music,
Windy Cobourne, Lower School Music
Allison Giannamore, Elementary P.E.
Becky Smith, Elementary Art, Lower School P.E.
Dan Zomermaand, Elementary P.E.
Kellie McGuire, Remedial/Gifted Resource Specialist
Trish Robinson, Elementary Library/Media Specialist, Middle School Cheerleading Coach
Karem Vega-Allen, Lower School Spanish

Middle School

Fransherri Coughlin, 6th & 7th Math
David Dare, MS Bible, Middle School Football Coach
Allison Giannamore, Health/P.E. Girls, Varsity Girls Soccer Co-Coach
Steve Ko, 6th Grade Choir, 7th & 8th Cantus Choir
Stephanie Meyer, MS History
Holly Nordaas, 8th Pre-Algebra, 8th Algebra, 8th Algebra Honors
Blaine Ruttan, 6th Keyboarding, 7th,8th Tech, MS Volleyball Coach
Jennifer Ryan, 7th & 8th Art
Rachel Schweiger, MS English
Becky Smith, 6th Art
Beth Steele, Fine Arts Director, 6th Band, 7th & 8th Intermediate Band
Lora Willis, MS Science
Josh Zabloski, US Assistant Principal,
Daniel Zomermaand, Health/P.E. Boys, JV Volleyball Coach, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

High School

Pam Brown, Apologetics Bible Class
Britney Brush, 9th English, 9th English Honors, 10th English, 10th English Honors
Nicole Costa, 11th MCR, 12th MCR, 11th Pre-Calc, AP Statistics, AP Calc
Allison Giannamore, Health/P.E. 9th, Varsity Girls Soccer Co-Coach
Diane Irun, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, 12th Government
Karrmayne King, Girls Advanced PE, Varsity Volleyball Co-Coach, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
Steve Ko, Concert Choir, HS Musical Director
Vit Lahsangah, Anatomy & Physiology Honors, Physics Honors, Chemistry 1, Chemistry 1 Honors
Katie Leandri, 9th Geometry Honors,10th Geometry, 11th Algebra 2, Algebra 2 Honors, Middle School Volleyball Coach
Angie Loughhead, 11th AP Language, 12th AP Literature, Instructional Technology Resource Specialist
Korie Mulholland, 11th English, 11th English Honors, 12th English, 12th English Honors
Ben Nordaas, Bible for 10th, 11th, 12th, Varsity Boys Soccer Coach
Holly Nordaas, 9th Algebra
Blaine Ruttan, HS BCT
Jennifer Ryan, 2D Art, 3D Art, Digital Photography, Yearbook
Vanessa Schutte, Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, NHS Advisor
Beth Steele, Fine Arts Director, Wind Ensemble,
Nick Stratis, 9th Bible
Kaye Sparks, 9th Human Geography, 9th AP Human Geography, 10th World History, 10th AP World History
Amy Withee, 11th US History, 11th AP US History, AP Psychology, 12th Economics, Student Council
Karen Yale, Guidance & Spiritual Formation Director, Dean of Women,
Daniel Zomermaand, P.E. Boys 9th, Advanced P.E, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Varsity Volleyball Co-Coach


Clara Berrios, Admissions Director
Crista Cahall, High School Admin. Assistant
Kathy Carroll, Financial Assistant
Mary Margaret Celosse, Middle School Admin. Assistant
Ashley Di Si, Preschool Assistant
Alisa Franz, Lower School Admin. Assistant
Jody Kiggins, Events Coordinator
Katie Kullman, Human Resources Assistant
Sherilyn Neel, Financial Assistant
Marlene Stacy, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
Leslie Vickers, Admissions Assistant and Alumni Coordinator


Chris Brush, Director of Technology,


Karrmayne King, Athletic Director, Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach,


Jesse Beckett, Maintenance Supervisor, Cross Country Coach, JV Boys Soccer Coach, MS Baseball Coach
Chris Corda, Part Time Custodian
Dustin Dean,  Maintenance Worker
Rick Polar, Crossing Attendant
Donald Reamsnyder, Maintenance Worker
Joel Yeater, Maintenance Worker

KCS Extended Care (Kindergarten – 5th Grade)

Before Care

Eva Kiss, Before Care Supervisor

After Care

Ashley Di Si, Lower School After Care Supervisor
Jamee Bjerk
Daniel Bouchelle
Eva Kiss
Cailin Richmond
Karem Vega-Allen

Keswick Kids Extended Care (Infants – PK4)

Before Care

Kathy Carroll, Before Care Supervisor for PK2 – PK4

After Care

Ashley Di Si, Lower School After Care Supervisor
Kathy Carroll
Donna Gray
Laura Jenkins
Jodi Latham
Agatha Pugh
Jillian Pugh
Nicole Stacy
Aida Tropeano


Supervisor, Brenda Yeater
Andrew Ross
Debbie Ross


Windy Cobourne, Lower School Music / Piano
Esther McClure, Piano Teacher
Kara Burkett, Piano Teacher
Cheryl Robinson, Accompanist

Thrift Center

Sheryl Wojciechowski, Director
Charity Finley-Wilson, Assistant
Carol Lane, Assistant
Charles Rosenthal, Assistant